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About Us

Our mission is to provide easy-to-use, no-nonsense, scalable and customizable cloud accounting software for entrepreneurs, mid-sized companies to manage their finances and day-to-day operations.

Our vision for AccountingSuite™ is to give you, your employees and business partners easy, secure access to company information from anywhere on the planet; empowering everyone at your company with the information that often makes the difference between gaining new customers and losing them to the competition.

customizable accounting software

About our Cloud Accounting Product

AccountingSuite™ is built on the 1C:Enterprise platform that is used daily by several million users in the business and government sector. 1C:Enterprise is a very flexible and scalable platform that meets the needs of companies ranging in size from a single user to thousands of employees. By utilizing the 1C cloud-based platform, AccountingSuite™ can easily grow using our customizable accounting software to help you scale your successful business.

Why is AccountingSuite™ great cloud accounting software for startups? Because it comes inclusive of every feature your business would need without the additional costs. Including inventory management!

Meet our executive team

Founded by accounting enthusiasts, our team puts their drive and effort into building cloud accounting software that enables small business to grow and accounting partners to build trustable relationship with their customers.

Alexey Novikov
Kurt Kunselman
Vishal Saberwal
Ted McRae
Roman Aleynikov

Alexey Novikov
Managing Director and President

Kurt Kunselman
COO and Co-Founder

Vishal Saberwal

Ted McRae
Director of Marketing and Growth

Roman Aleynikov
Chief Research Officer

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dba AccountingSuite™
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San Jose, CA 95129

Inquire: 415.462.5477
Help: 888.328.8275

Feature-rich cloud accounting software with inventory management

AccountingSuite™ customizable accounting software includes all the features for your growing business

Customizable Accounting Software With our customization team we can help with our customizable accounting software to build a customized solution



All features you need are placed where you need them, so they are easy to access exactly when you need them.

Simple customizable accounting software with TRUE inventory management to let you focus on business strategy and what really matters instead of spending hours on routine work.