For the Future of Money AccountingSuite™ is Ready


For the Future of Money

For the Future of Money AccountingSuite™ is Ready

AccountingSuite will demonstrate its bitcoin and digital payments integrations at the Future of Money & Technology Summit, held tomorrow, December 2, in San Francisco, California at the Hotel Kabuki. AccountingSuite is a proud exhibitor and sponsor of the Summit.

“AccountingSuite is ready for the future of money. Our customers use multiple currencies, digital currency and digital payments on AccountingSuite right now,” said Kurt Kunselman, Co-Founder.

“Today, businesses can purchase computers at Dell, office furniture and equipment at, and internet and TV from Dish Network with bitcoin. Ten years from now, digital currencies and digital payments will be mainstream because businesses want to simplify and lower transaction costs,” added Mr. Kunselman.

Currently AccountingSuite allows users the following real-time capabilities:

  • Pay vendors in BitCoin with Coinbase
    — CoinBase’s Wallet and Vault are secure places to keep bitcoins and make payments
  • Pay vendors digitally through Dwolla — Dwolla’s digital payments are faster and cheaper (Only 25 cents) than checks and e-checks
  • Invoice customers and get paid through Stripe — Stripe makes it easy for businesses to set up merchant credit accounts on the fly

For a demonstration of AccountingSuite’s ease-of-use and digital payment features, visit the AccountingSuite booth at The 5th Future of Money & Technology Summit, held 9 am to 5 pm, December 2, 2014, at Hotel Kabuki, 1625 Post Street, San Francisco, California. For more information about the Summit, please visit

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