Launching Client Accounting Services | Accounting and Business Show
Launching Client Accounting Services

Launching Client Accounting Services platform at California Accounting and Business Show in Los Angeles. With more ways than ever before to sell goods online, eCommerce is a make-or-break concern for many businesses. According to the US Department of Commerce, the percentage of sales that occur online has risen from less than 4 percent to more than 9 percent over the past 10 years. That number is only poised to go up. Given that eCommerce will continue to increase in importance, it’s crucial that you have software that can merge eCommerce and accounting seamlessly. AccountingSuite is here to help.

AccountingSuite invites CPA’s and Accounting Professionals to see how collaborative accounting will shape the future of Client Accounting Services (CAS) during the California Accounting and Business Show at the LAX Hilton, Los Angeles. Join the walking tour to see a live demo of how AccountingSuite can help you build the firm of the future.

“The cloud is rejuvenating the Client Accounting Services business model,” says Kurt Kunselman, Co-founder of AccountingSuite. “CAS is in the midst of an evolution where firms are increasingly differentiating themselves in the marketplace by moving away from ‘write-up’ transactional work on localized machines, and are leveraging the cloud to offer deeper and more value added financial planning and accounting services.”

CAS Firm of the Future

AccountingSuite will enable immediate (anytime/anywhere) access to a client’s accounting software or the firm’s internal bookkeeping system, regardless of which computer you are using (MacBook/PC/Laptop) or where you are located (Office/Client Site/Vacation/Library).

Be their trusted advisor! Collaborative and secure, AccountingSuite allows you to be proactive rather than retroactive and reactive with critical real-time financial insights and data.

CPAs and accounting professionals will love the ease of handling multiple company accounts in real-time and simultaneously with the multi-client access function.

Accountants are Power-Users and will be ecstatic to open multiple tasks at one time without having to hit “back” buttons or try to remember where they were with AccountingSuite’s unique task and history functions.

Switching back and forth between clients or tasks is simple and effortless which saves service providers 10-15% of their year.

AccountingSuite is fairly simple and intuitive for end users to learn and adapt, so accountants’ clients can add transactions, run operational tasks and pull reports. All the while, bookkeepers are updating financials and CPAs are getting the information they need 24 hours per day to file taxes on time. Information when it’s convenient for the Accountant and where it’s convenient for the Accountant!

AccountingSuite will be at booth 616 at the California Accounting and Business Show, June 1-2 2015 at the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel. Contact AccountingSuite at the show by calling 1-888-328-8275 ext 2.



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