Say Goodbye to Transaction Fees
Say Goodbye to Transaction Fees

Say Goodbye to Transaction Fees. Yes, you read it right – No more Transaction Fees.

Our partner Dwolla just announced that they are removing the 25¢ per transaction fee they had previously charged on transactions over $10 for all users.  Full details can be found on their blog here.

Dwolla is in a crowded industry, as a  number of companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Stripe and others have entered the game in the last few years. Dwolla got their foot in the industry by charging only a quarter, making them very competitive.

AccountingSuite’s deep integration with Dwolla means users can send and receive money seamlessly through AccountingSuite.  The reporting is built in.  Simply connect the account during setup through the login page.  Once connected, AccountingSuite users can easily pay vendor bills or request payments with Dwolla. The process is simple. Read all about it here.

Using Dwolla with AccountingSuite will save you both time and money and you can Say Goodbye to Transaction Fees.

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