Bookkeeping Apps: Why Businesses are Making the Switch


Bookkeeping Apps

Bookkeeping Apps: Why Businesses are Making the Switch. Finally, the age of clunky accounting software has come to a close. Gone are the days when professionals were required to painstakingly enter transactional data line by line, struggling as they navigated a snare of arcane functions. In the age of cloud-based data storage and automated everything, there is no excuse for inefficiency. Easy-to-use, powerful bookkeeping apps are more inexpensive and accessible than ever before.

If you are a business owner on the fence about whether to trade in outdated systems for a feature-rich, contemporary accounting application, there is no shortage of reasons to take the plunge. Here are three ways bookkeeping apps are changing the way we manage our accounts.

1. Increased accuracy at the push of a button

No matter how skilled and diligent you are while punching in your quarterly numbers, if you’re using outdated software, you’re going to make a few mistakes. But with an entirely automated solution, you can sync business accounts to your banking and input months of data with a few simple keystrokes, drawing straight from the source. Not only will this process drastically reduce the number of missed zeroes and computational errors in your books, it will recover hours of your precious time you lost entering and double-checking your numbers. And even if you do manage to make a mistake, the best accounting software will detect any resulting anomalies and alert you to their presence.

2. Robust reports built in seconds, not hours

The key to forming a plan for the future of any business is knowing your current status inside and out. Instead of crunching numbers and calculating projections, why not have a bookkeeping app do it with a handful of clicks? Most modern accounting software comes equipped with an array of automated, fully customizable reports, breaking down everything from your business’ open sales orders to your weekly gross margin into a clear-cut visualization with little effort.

3. Information you can access from anywhere — without fear of data loss

From the desktop to the boardroom to the annual conference, today’s business professionals need their accounting information to follow them wherever they go. When accounting software seamlessly integrates with the cloud, it allows you or any member of your team to log in, view, edit, or visualize key data points from anywhere. This means more fluid communication between team members, no wasted effort fumbling with digital files, and instant on-the-go calculations when you need them most. In addition, cloud-based storage makes your books virtually immune to disaster, whether that’s an act of nature or the efforts of a team of vicious hackers, giving you peace of mind.

In today’s digital age, keeping up on your accounts doesn’t have to be a headache. Bookkeeping apps are designed to take over the hours you waste on number crunching and data entry and free up time and money for you to spend realizing your vision. With accounting software more cost-effective and packed with features than ever, there’s simply no reason not to make the switch.

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