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Working With Classes

Working With Classes in AccountingSuite are another way to categorize and group transactions, which may later be used in reporting. They may be applied to Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Credit Memos, Projects, Time tracking entries, Purchase Orders, Bills, Shipments, Assembly Builds, and Purchase Returns. Some examples of ways classes can be used to group transactions:

  • department in a company
  • sales teams
  • separate companies in one account all under one Tax Identification Number

Creating a Class with Working With Classes

  • Navigate to Quick Menu > Settings > Lists > Classes
  • Click Create.
  • Enter a class name.
  • If the new class is to be a sub-class, enter the parent class.
  • Click Save and Close.

Changing the Parent-Child Relationship of a Class

  • Navigate to Quick Menu > Settings > Lists > Classes
  • Highlight the class and drag it to the item that is to be the parent. Alternatively, double-click the class, choose the parent drop-down list and select the new parent. To make the class a top-level class, remove the value of the parent field.

Using Classes

Classes may be applied to the documents listed in the description above. They may be applied on a document level or may be used on a line by line basis. To apply a class, choose it from the drop-down menu.

Working with Classes from AccountingSuite on Vimeo.

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